10 Simple Tips For Building Muscle

1. Warm Up
Would you stretch cold taffy? No, it will break. So don’t work your muscles when they’re cold. Five minutes of light cardio on the treadmill or exercise bike will get your heart rate up and blood flowing to your muscles.

2. Use Primarily Free Weights
Machines are great for isolating a muscle group. And they are part of a well rounded lifting routine. But too often we rely too heavily on them. Free weights allow you to move naturally and let you take advantage of your body’s natural anatomy. They also recruit many more stabilizing muscle groups, which make you stronger and burns more calories.

3. Use Strict Form
Check you ego at the door and work the weight, don’t let the weight work you. If your form is off, you aren’t working your muscles properly, or worse, not working them at all. You’re wasting your time in the gym, and our time is all very costly.

4. Use Compound Exercise
These are the fundamental movements for every muscle group. They allow you to develop maximum strength and maximum mass. They work many muscle groups. And they will torch body fat. They are bench press for chest, should press for deltoids, squats for legs, deadlifts for legs and back, and rows and pull-ups for back. Make them a part of every workout.

5. Use The 8-10 Rep Range For Most Exercises
The exception is the aforementioned compound lifts where you can drop your rep range to 5-8. Otherwise 8-10 is the range you want for a combination of strength and hypertrophy. 

6. Train Your Weakness
The key is balance. If you only train your strengths you will be completely unbalanced. Your muscles are all interconnected, so training your weakness will not only make you more symmetric.

7. Optimize Your Nutrition
If you eat right and don’t workout a bit, you will look good. If you workout consistently but eat dirty, you won’t look like you’ve ever set foot inside the gym. Plain and simple.

8. Optimize Your Supplements
Most supplements make outrageous claims. But basic supplementation is key. A good multivitamin, Whey protein, and Pre-workout caffeine can help you look good in no time. These are the basics and they will go a long way. 

9. Never Do Cardio Before Weights
This will run your glycogen levels into the ground and leave little if any fule left for the heavy lifting. This is especially important if you are in a calorie defecit and energy is at a premium. Do the hardest thing first, when you have the most fuel in your tank.

10. Don’t Overdo it with The Cardio
While cardiovascular exercise is excellent for your heart and blood vessels, it’s nearly always overdone. Cardio should be part of a balanced training routine. It should not take center stage, or be performed for hours and hours on end. If you do this, your stress hormones will go through the roof and your body will start to hold onto fat and actually store fat...Click here to learn more about other simple tricks that will help you burn more fat and lose weight!

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